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Swedish Massage / 
Swedish Body Treatment

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage at Veronica Marie Beauty is a classic style of massage therapy that is perfect way to relax and a great option for a first time massage. Swedish massage therapy is used to relieve muscle pain, tension, and stress. This type of massage therapy is a terrific way to sooth tired aching muscles and it is a perfect way to complement an active lifestyle.

​This full body Swedish massage is one of the most favorite styles of massage therapy in the world of therapeutic massage. Swedish massage was designed to improve circulation, improve range of motion, and relieve muscle pain while inducing over all relaxation.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Massage Pricing

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Relaxing Swedish Massage

$70 - $90


Extra Hand Massage

Extra Foot Massage


Muscle Relief


Paraffin Dip

Foot Soak / Detox








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