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Aromatherapy Massage

Luxury Massage

Luxury Massage

Our luxury massages at Veronica Marie Beauty are FULLY customizable massages to clients needs. Some options clients can choose from are:

  • Hot Stones

  • Cupping

  • Deep Tissue


Our luxury massages always include hot towels on neck, arms, back & legs. Our clients choose their preferred aromatherapy.

Experience The Luxury!

Indulge in a massage tailored to your unique needs and desires. Choose from a symphony of soothing oils, the invigorating heat of hot stones, or the targeted pressure of deep tissue work. Your ultimate comfort is our priority.

Neck Massage



FULLY customizable massage to clients needs. Hot stones, Cupping and Deep Tissue as needed. Always includes hot towels on neck, arms, back & legs. Client chooses their preferred aromatherapy.

Image by Katherine Hanlon
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